Cloud based complete software solution


Comprehensive CRM, Pipeline, Forecast, Visit support solution with automatic data collection and data analysis system

Keep all data and market knowledge even when employees are changing. 

What is crm4PACK?

crm4PACK is a SUPPORT TOOL, not another administration nightmare

The data is collected while you doing the common daily task using a simple drag and drop UI saving huge amount of time and organizing, logging, reporting automatically.
crm4PACK is an EASY TO USE support tool for the sales people.
BUT it is a ROBUST BACKEND report, analysis, forecast, budget, controlling tool for the manager having full BI functions, pivot reporting, dashboard and document generation

Everything you need is within 3 clicks away

 Our user friendly UI promises the automatic data collection and data structuring WITOHUT ANY ADDITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE TASK.
The User Interface was designed by professionals coming from the packaging market, to offer a system which can provide a real support for the sales team in their daily tasks on all level. 

Customer visit tools (onsite reviews, machine information ..)

Automatic forecast builder based on visits


Simplified CRM where referenced data is connected

Automatic report generators based on your unique request

Automatic document and pdf generator

Integrated Business Intelligence data analyst tools

Complex permission control system

You will have your own dedicated system. We are open for any feature request and customization.

Simple workflow

Our 70 second promise

70 second is all you need, to gather and organize the information in a way, you have never imagined before.
Follow up with the events, tasks. Keep record about everything. Plan, analyse, control. 


Profile your customer, create Forecast, generate lead

Production, consumables, site properties, forecast


Map the production, build a market knowledge non of your competitor has 

Packaging machines, application. 


Drag and Drop pipeline and CRM

Stuffed with advanced features, Automatic site, product pipeline with custom events, and follow ups

Manage, Analyse

Complex BI backend for the managers. Where you can overview everything and create reports. Pivot, spreadsheet, dashboard, dynamic document template builder all included.

Your Company Your System ! 

All the data can be customized by default, based on Your portfolio.
If you miss a function or a feature, just let us know. The system will be customized or extended based on your Request. 



Just add the categories that you sell, and add its unique parameters 



The pipeline is based on the statuses that you define



In the CRM part you can add custom events with unique feedback control



You can add single or multiple grouping options per sites for data analysis

Tutorial video

Map your customer

The way data is organized 

Step 1

Build your customer's portfolio in 40sec

Understand the production, select the packaging material

Example : Your customer producing something which later packed in cardboard boxes. Finally the cardboard boxes stretch wrapped on the pallet.
Connect your offered packaging materials with both cardboard boxes and pallet using only drag and drop

Product properties , Consumption, Forecast 

You can define unlimited properties per product categories.
Enter the consumption per production unit (for example how many grams of stretch film per pallet is used). The system has site visit functions as well. Such as onsite stretch performance review for stretch to make the pre-stretch calculation based on film weight and register the result in the system automatically.
This drag and drop form can be shared with your customer, in order to have the most precise forecast you will ever have.

Your forecast & seasonality graph is ready

Have you ever thought prospecting customer based on your production capacity and customer seasonality?
You can do it with one click from now on. 

After the first  40 seconds What data will You have already?

Customer production, and connected consumables
You can understand your customers better, you can address your questions from their point of view. Supporting a tailor made proposal.  

You have a forecast, potential information
NOT just per site, but per product category as well as per each product property which you provided in the first step

You have seasonality information
Per site, per product category, per each property, per country, per groups etc... 

Step 2

Production lines ,packaging machines and site classification in 30 sec

Production lines + packaging machines  

You can add unlimited packaging lines to each sites.

Each packaging lines can have unlimited number of packaging machines.

Each machine can have assigned consumable, which can be automatically selected based on step 1.

The system collects all information and create lists and autocomplete for you, meaning, you just select it from a list once somebody entered similar information. Every machine category, machine manufacturer, machine type is being collected, organized linked to every possible information automatically. 

Site properties. Industry, Region etc...  

Create custom groups, proprieties per sites for detailed analytic reasons 

You can define as many property as you wish.

You can decide, if a site can have multiple or a single option per property group.

What data will You have  spending only 70 second in the system?

Customer production, and connected consumables

Customer machines and lines, consumables per machines, lines.
You can also see where else can you find similar machines, or what machines is used with similar consumables around

You will have detailed forecast, potential information and seasonality

Using the site visit tools like stretch packaging review, strap packaging review etc... 
You can monitor how the consumable is being applied, how demanding is the application, what is the current machine settings.
To make a stretch film packaging review takes no more than 50sec and all the data is saved, organized, connected together automatically in crm4PACK.

Advanced options only  1 click away

-Check where do you find similar consumables based on the product properties
-Check which machine applies this consumable on the market, and where do you find similar machines, what consumables are being used on that machines etc...

Collecting all information by stage

Similar to product or site forecast, you can also check the pipeline stage forecast with one click.
If you have production, it will help you to prospect customers according to seasonality, so to have even production schedule across the year.  

Simplified, easy to use 

CRM functionality 

Events, notes which connected per each consumables or per each site.

Really easy to use, transparent CRM which can be customized for your needs


Custom entry types with their custom fields

1 click Feedback

Custom pre-defined feedback types per events. 


Follow the history of each site or each product


Create automatic reports even for your custom events

Unlimited event, note types, with unique fields. Best fitting to Your organization.

Visit, Price offer, Call, Production line trial etc... 

It is up to you which events you would like to insert to your CRM with unique fields for each. 

To save time on data entry, all your custom fields can have autocomplete feature which is based on previous inputs. 

All data organized automatically and available for analysis in the robust BI backend as well.

Transparent timeline chain with feedback options

The system automatically create a timeline for you, which has all the information about events, interactions 

All your events ( price offer, visit report, call etc... ) can have a predefined feedback option.

Mark if the price offer had been accepted, or refused with only one click. 

Calendar to follow up your events, due dates, offers etc... 

Interactive, smart calendar, where you can make your changes on the fly.

Monthly,weekly, daily planner.

Change dates, open the related info with one click.

Multi region permission control

Set specific access for data or for the selected functions

Robust backend and BI

Reporting tools

Drag and drop pivot builder
Drag and drop chart builder 
Excel like datagrid
Data export
Live and pre defined dashboards
Document generator 

Smart calendar

To have a clear overview of each activity and task

Admin area

All data in a transparent related database structure

Complex search

setup custom conditions for data search

Plan & Pricing

Standard package 

1 top manager 

1 sales region

All features

cancel anytime

custom modifications, functions on request 

Unlimited number of users





Multi region package

unlimited top managers

unlimited number of sales regions with unlimited number of  region managers

All features

cancel anytime

custom modifications, functions on request

Unlimited number of users





Enterprise package

Feature request

Custom reports

Custom automation 

Custom functions

UI Request

Middle ware system integration

Custom package offers

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